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Edmonton youth pose outside one of the sheds they built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

CIVIC, an initiative to engage Jamati youth, appealed to the social conscience of young Ismailis by inviting them to give back to their local communities through voluntary service. More than 1 100 participants contributed over 4 400 hours of service to projects that benefited communities across Canada.

In the Ghund Valley of Shugnan district in 2004, community members engage in a mapping exercise to gauge their preparedness for potential disasters.

Thousands of families living in Tajikistan experience earthquakes and other hazards throughout the year that impact their lives and livelihoods. Focus Humanitarian Assistance strives to reduce the impact of natural disasters through community-based initiatives.

Volunteers from FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance unload water for people affected by Hurricane Ike at a Houston Point of Distribution.

On 13 September, Hurricane Ike surged through Houston with destructive force. The Ismaili Council and Focus Humanitarian Assistance established a Crisis Response Team to ensure the safety of the Jamat, while also assisting relief efforts in the wider Houston community.

Participants pose at the Atlanta golf tournament, held at Country Club of the South.

Three hundred golf balls rained from the sky, marking the start of the PartnershipsInAction Annual Golf Tournament. The AKF-USA fundraising initiative was an opportunity for golfers to learn about international development while enjoying a day on the green.

Service is a cornerstone of the social conscience that Islam espouses. Alqaim Giga and Sehar Lalani have applied their passion for service to the improvement of eyesight and eye health among peoples living in different parts of the world.

Ishkashim Jamatkhana in Afghanistan, with the mountains of Tajikistan visible in the background.

The Jamat of Afghanistan celebrated the opening of the first purpose-built Jamatkhana in the Ishkashim district of Badakhshan. Hundreds gathered for the official opening, which was attended by a number of distinguished guests including the Governor of Badakhshan Province and the President of the Provincial Assembly.

AKF Rural Support Team visits a farm in Syria to check on the new irrigation system.

During the past year, Sameer Kassam served as a volunteer with the Aga Khan Development Network in Salamieh and in Cairo. In addition to gaining an understanding of the AKDN’s work and local impact, Kassam also noted the links between the two cities.

Ismaili Volunteers and members of the Aga Khan Scouts and Guides gather at Mamzar Park for the 2008 Dubai Terry Fox Run.

Every year since Dubai held its first Terry Fox Run in 1999, the Jamat in United Arab Emirates has helped with the event’s organisation. The 2008 run set a new benchmark for attendance and fundraising, making a significant contribution to cancer research and raising awareness about the disease.

Nurjehan Mawani

In 2007, Nurjehan Mawani was the recipient of the UNIFEM Canada award for her work in advancing equality for women and girls. In her acceptance remarks, she discussed the role that institutional imagination can play in addressing complex societal issues.

Members of the Badakhshan Ensemble performed traditional Pamiri music and dance for the Afghan audience in the spirit of mutual understanding and learning.

In a symbolic expression of their long historic ties and common roots, thousands of Jamati members from the Tajik and Afghan sides of Badakhshan came together for a cross-border concert to celebrate Navroz.

Nafisa Gulshaeva, a staff member of the AKF-supported Institute of Professional Development in Dushanbe, discusses teaching resources with visitors.

Over 5 000 people viewed informative exhibits, listened to traditional Tajik music, and examined locally-developed products as part of a two-day exhibition on the work of the Aga Khan Development Network in Tajikistan.

Keynote address by the UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Jorge Sampaio

The Council of Europe, an organisation promoting democracy and human rights in Europe, will be launching a White Paper on Intercultural Dialogue with the support of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Portugal, and other international organisations.

Presentation of the 'Bachelor of Humanities' degree by Eddah Gachukia of Kenyatta University, together with Zul Abdul, President of the Ismaili Council for Kenya

A member of the Lions International, Dilshad Mohamed, a businesswoman, has undertaken many initiatives to help out the members of the community in which she lives. Her efforts have been recognised both locally and internationally.

Scouts & Guides at base camp at Nanga Parbat

The United Arab Emirates Thalassemia Society and Pakistani Thalassemia Society joined hands to increase awareness of thalassemia. Last year, the awareness effort was undertaken by a trek to Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas. The Aga Khan Scouts and Guides of United Arab Emirates participated and raised funds for this awareness campaign.

Flag hoisiting ceremony at Bandra Yuwan society in Mumbai; Mr. Firoz Sattani and Mr. Anwarali Rayani, Vice-President, Ismaili Council for India

Sixty years and she's seen it all - happiness and sorrow, love and hate, poverty and riches. And her citizens celebrated this milestone across the country. Independence Day in India was celebrated by Jamati members at various centres across India. The Independence Day events invigorated and re-ignited the spirit of patriotism in the Jamat who are proud to be citizens of India and share with her the journey forward.