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Collaborators and Contributors
  • Aga Khan Health Board for the United Kingdom

    The Aga Khan Health Board for the United Kingdom is made up entirely of volunteers with a mandate to devise and implement strategies for improving the access to health services and information on healthy lifestyles for the Ismaili Community. The board seeks to forge partnerships with other organisations not only to help with their mandate but also to contribute to the wider society in which the community lives.
    The publication of the data and the launch of this website as an online resource to all is an example of this.

    Azmina Govindji RD, Resident Dietitian to the Nutrition Centre

    Azmina is a consultant nutritionist and registered dietitian. She was the Aga Khan Health Board (AKHB) project co-coordinator for the publication of The South Asian Food Survey (2000) and the AKHB and Department of Health Enjoying Healthy Living video (2001). Currently, she is a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and a member of the British Heart Foundation Ethnic Strategy Advisory Committee. She also works with the UK government Food Standards Agency and is a consultant to national charities and the food industry.

    In 2002, Azmina received the Ismaili community Award for Excellence for Outstanding Professional Achievement, as judged by Sir Kenneth Calman, then Chief Medical Officer to the UK government.

    The Nutrition Centre has benefited from the expertise of the following registered dietitians, who peer-reviewed the website prior to its launch:

    Sue Baic, RD is a registered dietitian with over 20 years experience. She regularly acts as a media spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association. Sue works as a senior lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health at the University of Bristol where she researches novel methods for promoting healthy eating.

    Lyndel Costain, RD is a consultant dietitian with over 20 years experience. Specialising in weight management, author of five books, and a media regular, she was named Re-energise Health Professional of the Year in 2001 (

    Luci Daniels, RD is an independent, practicing dietitian combining patient work with nutrition consultancy. Recently Luci has worked on projects for the Food Standards Agency and School Food Trust and is a past Chairman of the British Dietetic Association.

    Smita Ganatra, RD is a Dietetic Service Manager for West Hertfordshire Hospitals Trust, UK. She has 22 years experience of working across a variety of settings including health service, industry and research.

    Baldeesh Rai, RD is a specialist cardiac dietitian at Ealing Hospital, and Dietetic Adviser to HEART UK. She is the nutritionist for Simply Health, a television series on Sony TV Asia. She has over 20 years experience in the field of nutrition.

    The following people have also contributed to this website:

    Vanessa Courtier – Food photographer, UK (

    Tazmina Crisp, RD – Diabetes dietitian, Stafford, UK

    Dr Wendy Doyle RD – Nutritional analysis

    Tony Fitzgerald – Usability review

    Rupinder Gill, BSc – Nutritionist, UK

    Akbar Hakim – Food photographer, Hakim Sons, Pakistan

    Amy Hawthorn – Usability review

    Gulrukhsar Jiwani, MS RD LD – Registered dietitian, USA

    Barkat Kerai – Food photographer, UK

    Nazma Lakhani – Food styling, London, UK

    Salma Mehar, RD – Advanced Community Dietitian, Harrow, UK

    Krupali Parshotam – Human Nutrition student at London Metropolitan University

    Priya Tew, RD and Nutritionist – Nutritional analysis and general assessment of website (

    Lara Tobiansky, BSc – Graduate in Biomedical Sciences, University College, London

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