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South Asian Food Survey
  • The Composition and Nutrient Content of Foods Commonly Consumed by South Asians in the UK by Patricia A Judd, Tashmin Kassam-Khamis, Jane Thomas. Published by the Aga Khan Health Board for the UK, 2000.
    ISBN 0-9537882-3-7.

    The comprehensive nutritional data collected in this University of London PhD survey includes traditional dishes commonly eaten by South Asian groups in the UK. It demonstrates the variation in cooking practices between different communities. The book received the British Dietetic Association Rose Simmons Memorial award for 2001.

    Professor Pat Judd qualified as a dietitian and worked in the National Health Service in England. She taught Nutrition and Dietetics at King's College London for 25 years until moving to the School of Postgraduate Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire in 2001. Professor Judd has undertaken research and published in a range of areas including the effects of functional foods, especially dietary fibre and probiotics; dietary intakes in ethnic minority groups and evaluation of dietetic practice.

    Dr Tashmin Kassam-Khamis generated the data of the nutrient composition of South Asian foods in Britain, as part of her PhD thesis at King's College London. She went on to become Assistant Professor at the Institute for Educational Development, Aga Khan University, Pakistan, where she was Principal Investigator of an action research programme on health promotion for school improvement for six years. She is currently Director of the Child-to-Child Trust at the Institute of Education, University of London.

    Ms Jane Thomas is currently Director of Dietetics Programmes at King's College London. Her research interests reflect an interest in the behavioural aspects of nutrition and the application of nutritional science in the improvement of health.

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