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An Ismaili volunteer prepares Thanksgiving pumpkin pie as part of Operation Turkey to deliver meals for people in need in Dallas. Sara Maherali

Thanksgiving in the United States is when family and friends gather to share a meal in their homes. But the national holiday is also an opportunity to join with neighbours in offering service, and across the country, American Ismailis did exactly that.

Ismaili fans fill the stands to cheer on athletes at the Los Angeles Special Olympics. Ismaili Council for the USA

When the Ismaili Muslim community in the United States was invited to assist with the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, the Jamat embraced the opportunity. Volunteers took on numerous roles, including hosting the delegation of athletes and coaches from Bangladesh.

Aga Khan Park volunteers gather with Leila Keshavjee, who carried the Pan Am flame. Ismaili Council for Canada

Thousands of visitors came out to see the Pan Am flame light up the Aga Khan Park at its inaugural event held on 5 July. Reflections — Celebrating our Cultures and Communities united the spirit of the Pan Am Games with a Silk Road theme.

Secretary of State Greg Clark speaking at the launch of The Big Iftar 2015, which took place at the Ismaili Centre, London. Ismaili Council for the UK

Earlier this month, the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP joined the Ismaili Muslim community for the launch of the Big Iftar 2015 at the Ismaili Centre, London. The Big Iftar is a national initiative supported by the United Kingdom government that promotes neighbourliness, strengthening of community relations and sharing.

Thousands visited the Ismaili Centre during Doors Open Toronto 2015. Amir Hemraj

Thousands of visitors streamed into the Ismaili Centre as part of Doors Open Toronto 2015. Held last weekend, the annual city-wide open house offered visitors free access to approximately 155 buildings of cultural, historical and social significance.

MPs Angie Bray, Eric Ollerenshaw and Secretary of State Sajid Javid, with Ismaili Council President Amin Mawji and other Jamati leaders at the Houses of Parliament Navroz reception. Riaz Kassam

Members of the British Parliament invited the Ismaili Muslim community to mark the festival of Navroz at the Houses of Parliament last month. The fourth annual Navroz reception took place on 17 March in the Terrace Pavilion at the House of Commons.

Students at Queen Elizabeth School in Lisbon watch the FOCUS ShakeOut presentation. JOSÉ CARIA

To the Community Emergency Response Team at Focus Humanitarian Assistance in Portugal, delivering earthquake safety education is just as important as responding in the aftermath. On 10 November, the FOCUS team visited Queen Elizabeth School in Lisbon, where they led a ShakeOut earthquake drill.

Visitors during the 2014 Lisboa Open House weekend joined thousands who have toured the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon since it’s inauguration in 1998. Ismaili Council for Portugal

Over the weekend of 11–12 October, the Ismaili Centre, Lisbon took part in Lisboa Open House, an annual event to raise awareness about spaces of architectural and cultural value. Visitors learnt about the relationship between the architecture of the building and the history and values of a Muslim community that has been in Portugal for decades.

Tour guides conduct mock tours in preparation for the opening of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto. Moez Visram

As finishing touches are applied to the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, newly trained tour guides received their first walk-through of the facility. When the doors of the Centre finally open, the guides will help visitors to discover the building and provide a window on the Ismaili community, its values and aspirations.

Ismaili Council for the UK President Amin Mawji breaks bread with Yemeni Ambassador, His Excellency Abdulla Ali Al-Radhi at an Iftar dinner hosted at the West London Jamatkhana on 21 July 2014.

London, 22 July 2014 – British Muslims and friends of the community gathered at West London Jamatkhana yesterday evening, where the Ismaili Muslim community hosted an Iftar dinner. The fast-breaking meal was part of The Big Iftar, an initiative of the Government of the United Kingdom to promote neighborliness and strengthen community relations by sharing a meal.

Share a Smile is an initiative of the Ismaili Muslim community in the United Kingdom to help those in need during the month of Ramadan.

London, 7 July 2014 – Over 5 000 parcels of food and provisions were packed at UK Jamatkhanas this Saturday to help some of the most vulnerable populations in London, Birmingham and Leicester. Local charities will distribute the packages under Share a Smile, an Ismaili community initiative to help those in need during the month of Ramadan.

Organised by the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Ontario, the Premier Cup cricket tournament was part of a wider community effort to support the development of the sport in Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, Toronto neighbourhoods that are home to

While the annual Premier Cup cricket tournament brought Ontario Ismaili Muslims together in April, it was also part of a wider effort to build cricket pitches and support programming in Toronto neighbourhoods that are home to large South Asian immigrant communities.

The RAYS OF LIGHT exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya will remain open until 25 May 2014.

RAYS OF LIGHT: Glimpses into the Ismaili Imamat opened recently in Nairobi. First launched in 2008 in Paris, the exhibition – a Golden Jubilee International Programme – offers glimpses from the life of Mawlana Hazar Imam, the first fifty years of his Imamat and the immense scope and work of Aga Khan Development Network institutions around the world.

A Navroz haft sin table provided an opportunity to learn about the tradition and its significance.

London, United Kingdom – Leaders and members of the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom were invited to mark Navroz at the Houses of Parliament in March. The event was attended by Secretaries of State, Ministers, Peers, Heads of Mission and Members of Parliament.

Members of the Jamat gather on stage for a photograph at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore after their outreach event.

The Far East Jamat had an opportunity to experience Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum – Architecture in Islamic Arts, a special exhibition of the Aga Khan Museum Collection that visited Malaysia and Singapore last year. The exhibitions also provided an opportunity for the Jamat to reach out and share Ismaili culture and values with the wider public.

Participants rescue a casualty in a mock drill organised by FOCUS as part of the Delhi Emergency Management Exercise.

At the invitation of and in collaboration with India’s National Disaster Management Authority, four members of the FOCUS India Search and Rescue Team conducted a training seminar for police and fire officials, members of the army, railway, home guard, and other security and government agencies in Delhi. The training was part of a week-long emergency management exercise organised by the District Disaster Management Authority of Delhi.

The fountain is the central feature of the Centre’s chahar-bagh roof garden.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Open House London took place on the weekend of 22 – 23 September. Buildings such as the Bank of England Museum, the Royal Courts of Justice, the BBC Television Centre, and the Ismaili Centre, London opened their doors, inviting Londoners to to view and celebrate the diverse architecture of their city.

The circular RAYS OF LIGHT structure, set up in the Social Hall of the Ismaili Centre, Dubai.

Visitors from the Middle East, North Africa and nearby countries had a chance to take in RAYS OF LIGHT: Glimpses into the Ismaili Imamat earlier this year at the Ismaili Centre, Dubai. The exhibition was an opportunity for Ismailis and the wider public to explore Mawlana Hazar Imam’s extraordinary work across the globe.

Zahra Jessa runs as a torch bearer in the 2012 London Olympics on 25 July.

Today’s opening of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games marks an historic moment for the city and for modern sport gatherings. Approximately 680 members of the Ismaili community registered to help in the Olympic effort, and will take part as drummers, dancers, torch bearers and Olympic Ambassadors.